• Item Size: 10.00 x 9.00 x 7.00CM
  • Model Name: QC02671
  • Interface: Micro SD/TF
  • Material Type: Aluminium
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Item Weight: 171g
  • Establish a secure connection between your trailer and power supply.
  • Provide connections for indicators, side lights, brake lights and fog lamps.
  • Metal cover and rubber port, durable and reliable.
  • Universal fit for 24V commercial vehicle, semitrailer and trailer.
  • Wiring Configuration:

    Pin 1 - White Wire (common return)

    Pin 2 - Black Wire (reserved for future allocation)

    Pin 3 - Yellow Wire (reversing light)

    Pin 4 - Red Wire (permanent power supply)

    Pin 5 - Green Wire (sensing device with common return)

    Pin 6 - Brown Wire (power supply controlled by ignition switch)

    Pin 7 - Blue Wire (rear fog light)

  • Around a 2 week delivery time on this item

24v Aluminium female socket 7 pin towing / trailer adapter male plug

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