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Aluminium chequerplate - 2mm at base / 3.5mm to bars


2 Vector T2 handle locks with keys


Door slides up and tucks inside the box. It's completely out of the way


Keeps your operators closer to their vehicles


It is easier to remove heavy items from the box than traditional lockers


Doors won't be knocked off or damaged


Stops pedestrian incidents that can occur with other types of doors


Greater hse aspect


Weatherproof, Lightweight, Sustainable


Manufactured in the UK

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L1000 X H500 X D500 Treadplate Recovery Truck Side Locker, Sliding Inwards Door

PriceFrom £350.00
Excluding VAT

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    Aluminium chequerplate

    • The benefits of this versatile material are numerous, including:

    • Slip resistant – Raised pattern provides traction on steps, ramps, ladders, floors, tailgates, running boards, catwalks, loading docks, etc., even when wet, icy, or covered with snow, chemicals, or mud. Embossed firetruck quality (FTQ) tread plate meets NFPA industry safety regulations for slip resistance.

    • Corrosion resistant – Tread plate made of corrosion resistant metals, including stainless steel and aluminium alloys, provides years of service even under the toughest conditions, including marine locations

    • Hygienic – Tread plate is easy to wash down and is able to resist damage from strong, corrosive cleaning agents. This makes it ideal for areas where frequent sanitizing is required, like food processing plants, kitchens, restaurants, ambulances, livestock transport, and more.

    • Protective – Tread plate prevents damage to walls, doors, corners, dollies, skids, etc. It also protects bumpers, treads, truck beds, tailgates, and bodies of commercial, off road, and other vehicles

    • Lightweight

    Plain Aluminium

    • Aluminium alloy 5251 is a medium strength alloy

    • high corrosion resistance particularly in marine environments